Cikini is a vibrant and ever-changing part of central Jakarta, and it’s been a while since we updated the backpackers’ local area maps and guides. While that’s in process, here’s just a few of the new thin

Food and Drink

There’s always something new to try in Cikini. We have a new Starbucks up the road (underneath the new Ace Hardware), and opposite is a nice new place (in an old shophouse) called Dua Nyonya, which serves authentic dishes at reasonable prices. There’s a couple of great cafes next door to this as well (all at or opposite Menteng Huis at the end of the road) – Try Bakoel Koffie

Camden Pub is still packed with a local crowd on most nights, and is great fun. One street up the new Tjikini Lima is stylish, has a roof terrace , and serves decent western and Asian food.

Down the road toward Six Degrees and there’s the ever-changing array of street vendors (kaki lima), especially concentrated outside T.I.M arts and culture complex at nighttime.

Another great spot often overlooked by backpackers in the Metropole centre at the other end of the road, past Cikini train station. It’s about a 7 minute walk but there’s a good food court, various cafes and restaurants, and an excellent cinema. Try the XXI Premiere for a luxury cinema with waiter service and electric Lazy-boy armchairs.

New places with be added to this list as and when they open. There are several new places being developed as we speak.