Click to see a walking map of the whole area

Click to see a walking map of the whole area

Six Degrees is in Cikini, which is in the exclusive Menteng area of Central Jakarta. Cikini (pronounced ‘chi-key-ni’) is a unique, bustling, exciting place which combines a wide range of entertainment options, dozens of restaurants and street-food stalls, and a big serving of local character. The following are all within a 5-minute walk from Six Degrees:


There’s an olympic-size swimming pool just over the road from Six Degrees. It’s open from early until late, doesn’t get too busy, and costs Rp30,000 (about $3) per visit (40,000 on weekends). There’s also a few good poolside cafés, all with WiFi.

The T.I.M Art Centre

T.I.M (Taman Ismail Marzuki) is the most famous art and culture centre in the country. Only a 1 minute walk from Six Degrees, this sprawling complex includes various auditoriums, cinemas and theatres. You’ll find performances almost every day at TIM, with everything from traditional wayang (puppet) shows, to modern music, to Balinese dancing, to art exhibitions.

The plush, modern cinema within TIM shows all of the latest movies (tickets are cheap, too), and the planetarium is worth a look. The TIM complex also encompasses The Jakarta Institute of Art, so there’s a great atmosphere around the place with students and artists hanging around eating, talking and being creative. In front of TIM you’ll find lots of good, cheap food stalls, and all the way down the right-hand side of the complex there are numerous cafés and restaurants catering to any taste and budget. The fish restaurant ‘Ny Filly’ is one of the most popular.

When you arrive at Six Degrees, it’s worth popping down to TIM to see if there are any interesting events happening during your stay in Jakarta.

Menteng Huis

At the other end of Cikini Raya Street, is a small mall which includes a supermarket, lots of cafes and restaurants, a bar, and a Karaoke parlour.

CikiniFlower Market

A 40-second walk from Six Degrees, is worth a quick look – also handy if you’re celebrating an anniversary while you’re in town!

Cikini Station

Much more than just a train station. Underneath the elevated station is one of the most interesting little markets in Jakarta. You’ll find a range of goods there, but its speciality is anything made from rattan, bamboo and wood. Cheap, authentic souvenirs abound!

Jalan Surabaya Antiques Market

Also within walking distance of Six Degrees. Jalan Surabaya is a long one-way street lined on one side by dozens of small shops selling antiques (some of which are older than others). It’s a fascinating place to walk around and chat with locals, and if one knows what to look for, there are some truly valuable pieces at very low prices. Be wary of modern imitations, although most of the shopkeepers are honest and will tell you which ones are reproductions. There’s literally everything on sale here here – from old telephones, cameras and gramophones to vinyl albums, carvings, colonial-era ceramics and weaponry. Bargain hard!

Cikini is known throughout Jakarta for its great food. There’s simply far too many places for me to list here, but rest assured that every taste and every budget is catered-for. There’s traditional Indonesian food from every corner of the archipelago, plenty of restaurants offering Western and Asian food, and the full range of fast-food outlets for when you’re not feeling particularly adventurous. Cikini is also home to a couple of Indonesia’s most famous fine-dining establishments too, if you feel like splashing out. Check Trip Advisor for details of some of the food options available in Cikini.