Do I Need to pay a deposit?

No, we just kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible if your plans change

When do I pay?

You can pay when you check out

When is checkout time?

12.00, but you’re welcome to leave your stuff at Six Degrees if you’re not leaving until later in the day
Check-in time in 14:00 but if you arrive earlier you’re welcome to leave your stuff

What time is breakfast?

7.00AM-11.00AM. If you’re checking out earlier, and our night staff .

Do you have longer-term luggage storage?

Yes, If you’re coming back to stay with us we’ll hold onto your stuff for a few weeks. There’s no fee for this.

I’m arriving very late, is this ok?

Yes it’s fine. We have 24-7 security so there’s always someone here to welcome you. Just ring the bell!

Do you provide meals?

Yes, our kitchen is open from 7am. As well as the free breakfast and tea or coffee we sell local delights, soups & snacks, and each day we cook a different meal too.

Do you have a kitchen for guests to use?

Yes, on the 4th floor there’s a simple kitchen that you’re welcome to use.

Do you have a bar?

Yes – We sell beer and soft drinks. We don’t have a wines and spirits license (wines and spirits are very expensive in Indonesia anyway). You can charge drinks to your room and pay when you check out. You may bring your drinks to the rooftop.

Do you have hot showers?

Yes, we have 8 hot showers to share, and the en-suite room also has a hot shower.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes. It’s Rp50,000 per load (one load is maximum 5KG) It can take a couple of days during the rainy season!

Is there Malaria in Jakarta?

Malaria is rare, but there is sometimes Dengue Fever. Usually mosquitoes are just an annoyance though. Wear repellent in the evenings.

Can I drink the tap water?

Absolutely not. We filter our water thoroughly, but it’s still not drinkable.

Is Jakarta safe?

Like any big city you have to take care and think about security, but it’s no more dangerous than any Western capital city.

Is it cheaper if I book through HostelWorld or Hostelbookers?

It’s the same price if you book directly on this website. These booking sites just take 10% commission.
click here for details and free booking.

I only have one day in Jakarta. What are the ‘must see’ attractions?

Of course it depends on what you enjoy doing, but we’d recommend a trip to the old town (Kota), which is easily reached from our neighbouring train station. Also a walk up to the national monument (and national museum), and back to the Jalan Surabaya Antiques Market (and getting lost in the streets around Six Degrees) is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. The Six Degrees information board has lots more ideas for things to do in Jakarta

What activities and events are there at the hostel?

Watch a movie, play pool, read a book, use the wifi, relax on the roof garden, play N64, chat at the bar, play with the cat. In dry season we usually do a Barbeque for all the guests at the weekend.

How far is it to Gambir train station, and how do I get there?

It’s only 10 minutes away, and can be reached by Bajaj (tuk-tuk +/- 30,000), Taxi or motorcycle taxi. You can also get there from Cikini train station, which is a 4 minute walk from Six Degrees.  useful apps for getting around  are ‘gojek’ and ‘grab’ and now jakarta has uber too!
click here to view in google maps

What nightlife can I expect?

Depends on your budget. Jakarta has world-class bars and nighclubs, but drinks are expensive (X2, Dragonfly, Blowfish, Immigrant, Red Square). For cheap beer Jalan Jaksa is the place to go, and for a BIG night out, the infamous Stadium Nightclub is never dull. At the end of our street there’s a great little bar called ‘Upstairs’ which also has live music on Fridays. If you’re a girl, there are several good bars with a weekly ‘ladies night’, when you can drink for free. Check out Six Degrees Nightlife Guide

Do you have a tour/ticket booking desk?

We can help you book tours, and right next door there’s a travel agent open until late where you can buy onward flights and train tickets.

Is it possible to extend my tourist visa without leaving the country?

The free 30 day VOA is not extendable but if you paid on arrival it’s quite easy to get a 1-month extension to your visa here in Jakarta and in most cities with an immigration office. It usually takes 24 hours and currently costs Rp350.000 for the tourist visa extension. (see the Jakarta office address below)

Kantor Imigrasi
Jakart Pusat
Jl. Merpati Blok B12 No. 3
Kemoryan district

What’s the best way to get to Yogyakarta?

By train. It’s cheap, comfortable, takes 8 hours, and there are great views of Java on the way. There’s a morning train and a night train. You can buy tickets online here ( it’s in Indonesian, but you’ll work it out!)